Step inside Asif Khan’s dark pavilion for the Winter Olympics

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Could this be the darkest building on earth? ‘On entering the building, it feels as though you are being absorbed into a cloud of blackness’, says its creator, British-based architect

Kontext View Herbst/Winter 2019/2020


Auf das Leerdrehen in der Hyperkultur wird mit einem Wechsel der Perspektive reagiert: Wir schauen nach draussen, fangen mit der Kamera die Welt ein, statt im Netz an der Vielfalt der

Contemporary design trends: it's blackened silver's time to shine


Contemporary silver’s star is shining, with a clutch of exhibitions across Britain focusing on the precious metal. However, silver itself is becoming delightfully dull — giving off more of

The Latest Design Trend: Black and Burned Wood

Architektur und Interior Design

An ancient Japanese technique protects cedar by charring it a witchy charcoal. It’s having a renaissance in the West (for less practical reasons).

New textile weathers temperature shift - Reversible fabrics of the future may keep you comfortable in any weather

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Weather changes, but thanks to a new high-tech textile, someday you may not have to switch out your outfit. Materials scientists and engineers at Stanford University have developed a multilayered